The men broke into the petting zoo in Berlin's Hasenheide park on Feb. 18, and one killed Lilly the Angora goat while the other kept lookout

By Saryn Chorney
April 05, 2018 02:06 PM
Angora Goat Kid
Credit: Getty

Justice will be served in the cruel and senseless killing of Lilly the Angora goat.

The animal, who was a beloved resident of the Hasenheide park petting zoo in Berlin, was slaughtered on Feb. 18 by one Romanian man while the other Romanian national kept lookout, reports The petting zoo is a popular spot with children and families.

Originally the men denied the charge, but finally admitted their actions in court. Both men, 29, were convicted of theft and killing of an animal “without good reason,” despite claims they were “hungry” due to their employer withholding wages from their construction jobs.

The men also stated they thought the zoo was a farm, and they allege that because they both grew up on farms, they know how to slaughter an animal without causing it to suffer. The court remained unmoved. One criminal was sentenced to 10 months in prison due to a prior theft, while the other will serve nine months, and neither will get a chance at parole.

Lilly’s assailants were caught by police after being alerted to the gruesome act by a witness. The authorities also found a rucksack containing a severed goat leg and bloody gloves near the scene of the crime.