Magdalena has two separate brains, each with its own nervous system

In most cases, two is better than one. Two scoops of ice cream. Or two wheels on a bike. But, in the case of Magdalena the two-headed tortoise, it’s just a little bit confusing.

“The second head sometimes doesn’t allow the tortoise to know where to go,” owner Roman Gresak told the Telegraph. “We call her Magdalena: one head is Magda and the second one is Lena.”

Each of Magdalena’s heads has a mind of their own, literally; two separate brains that have their own nervous system. If the 7-week-old tortoise – who also has an extra leg – were human, she’d be considered conjoined twins.

Magdalena’s bizarre feature is definitely turning some heads – in a good way. The Telegraph reports that she’s been chosen to predict the outcome of the Ice Hockey Championships in Slovakia this year, like Paul the Octopus did during the World Cup this past summer. We believe she can do anything she sets her minds to!

Click here to see a video of Magdalena in action.