Cat Owner Explains Why She Decided to Adopt Two-Faced Feline: 'I'd Never Seen Anything Like It'

"I thought she was beautiful," Janet Bell said of the unique chimera cat that she later named Luna

Chimera Cat

Meet Luna — a stunning two-faced cat!

A couple of years ago, Janet Bell adopted the adorable multi-colored feline from a friend after their cat had escaped from its home and became pregnant.

Luna is a "chimera cat." Two sets of DNA created the feline's unique two-toned look after two different embryos fused together in her mother's womb, according to Catological.

"Luna was the first kitten to be born and when she came out I told my friend, 'I want that one,'" Bell, 62, said in a Mercury Press interview that was obtained by The Daily Mail.

"I thought she was beautiful, we couldn't believe it," the pet owner added. "I'd never seen anything like it."

According to Bell, when she and Luna travel outside their home, they are often stopped and questioned about the cat's unique look.

"Whenever she goes out of the house, people will stop in the street and double-take when they look at her," she said. "People will say how beautiful and unusual she looks or ask me why she looks like that."

Explaining Luna's unique DNA makeup, Bell added, "They can't believe she has a half-and-half face."

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Though chimera cats are rare, chimerism can be hereditary, according to Healthline.

The website notes that it is possible for a chimera cat mother to pass on two sets of DNA to her kittens, depending on which parts of the mother's body the second set of DNA affects.

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