The two men were fishing in the central highlands of Australia when they spotted a wombat struggling to stay afloat


It’s not every day you’re faced with the opportunity to save a wombat’s life, but when the opportunity arrises, you have to seize it.

Craig Wilson and his stepfather, Bob Wilton, rose to the (highly unusual) occasion. The two Australian fisherman were out on Woods Lake, about 71 miles south of Launceston, when they spotted a wombat struggling to stay afloat not far from their boat.

“We were just fishing away,” Wilson told Mashable Australia. “When we turned around to have a look, we thought it was a platypus to start with — then on closer observation it was a wombat.”

The rescue was surprisingly tricky, as the marsupial was exhausted and frantic.

“We tried to get him in the landing net to start with, and he kept getting out of there, so we ended up putting him in the boat,” Wilson said.

If it weren’t for the two heroes, the wombat would have likely drowned.

“If we weren’t there in the lake he would have drowned for sure, the way the wind was blowing, he would not have been able to make it back to shore,” Wilson told The Advocate.

The story’s ending is almost fairy-tale perfect.

“Once we got to shore, we got him out of the boat and let him go, he just went on his merry way and strolled back into the bush.”