The minimum rating for canines in the We Rate Dogs card game is 10/10

February 07, 2019 04:05 PM
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Now you can bring the Internet’s cutest dogs into your home, no leashes required.

Twitter account WeRateDogs has created a card game for their 7.7 million followers. WeRateDogs the Twitter account is famous for scoring the world’s most adorable dogs on a 10-point scale, though every pooch seems to manage at least an 11.

Like the Twitter account, We Rate Dogs the card game believes all canines are beyond perfect and are the best boys and girls in the world, so when you rate dogs in this game the minimum rating is also 10/10.

In this fast-paced card game, players take on the role of pet owners who just adopted a group of new furry friends from the shelter. As a new pet parent, you find out there is a dog show being held down the street from where you live and that you need to enter your new pups.

Chronicle Books
Chronicle Books

Players choose their favorite dogs to enter the dog show. Each dog is rated on 7 categories (boopability, ears, floof, etc.) with a minimum rating of 10/10 for each category.

Players can then use event cards to improve their rating, cause chaos or bring down the competition. In the end, one dog remains and is crowned Best in Show.

We Rate Dogs: The Card Game doesn’t come out until May 14, but you can pre-order your copy now!

Better hurry! WeRateDogs’s Twitter announcement about the game already has 3,700 retweets, so those pre-orders are piling up fast.

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