Texas Farm Fostering Newborn Puppies Treats Internet to 31 Days of Precious Halloween Costumes

All of the festive puppy models are looking for forever homes to go to once they reach 8 weeks old

Looking to add a little sweetness to your Twitter feed? May we suggest Blue Heron Farm?

The Texas-based farm is currently fostering a momma dog named Harriet and her litter of newborn puppies.

All of the canines are from animal rescue 4 Paws Farms, and are staying with Lisa and Christian Seger at Blue Heron Farm in Field Store, Texas, until they are ready to find a forever home.

Currently, the baby dogs are around 3 weeks old and won’t be available for adoption until they are at least 8 weeks along; at that age, they are no longer dependent on mom.

Lisa Seger/Blue Heron Farm

While Lisa waits out those five weeks, she is having a little fun with her furry guests. Embracing her inner crafter, the farm’s founder has been making tiny Halloween costumes for the itty-bitty pups, assembling at least one new outfit each day of October.

Lisa Seger/Blue Heron Farm

So far this 31-day quest has seen some seriously cute costumes. They pups have dressed as candy corn, lady bugs, superheroes, cacti and much more.

Lisa Seger/Blue Heron Farm

All of the adorable outfits can be viewed on Blue Heron Farm’s Twitter, where the family posts each day’s creation.

Lisa Seger/Blue Heron Farm

“These puppies, while adorable, are part of a larger unwanted pet problem. We beg people to spay and neuter their animals,” Lisa told PEOPLE over email.

Lisa Seger/Blue Heron Farm

Along with raising awareness about the need for spay/neuter, Blue Heron Farm also hopes to find homes for all of these festive sweethearts by sharing their photos on social media.

Lisa Seger/Blue Heron Farm

According to 4 Paws Farms, Harriet, the mom dog, already has an adopter lined up, but her babies are still looking for homes. They will be available for foster to adoption in about five weeks. To fill out an adoption application, visit 4 Paws Farm’s website.

Lisa Seger/Blue Heron Farm

For those who can’t take in a new puppy right now, you can donate to 4 Paws Farm — which runs solely on donations and often accepts tough medical cases — by visiting the organization’s website.

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