It took rescuers three days to catch the speedy little bird who was the victim of a “senseless” attack

By Karen J. Quan
Updated October 20, 2009 04:17 PM

A resilient little duck named Tully is recovering after being shot in the head with a 4-in. nail, which narrowly missed his eye and brain.

The duck’s ordeal began when someone attacked him with a nail gun as he was roaming around Victoria, Australia, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reports. As painful as it looks, the massive injury to Tully’s noggin left the duck unfazed and it took rescuers three days to catch the speedy little creature.

“He was just waddling around feeding, swimming,” Australian Animal Rescue’s Nigel Williamson tells the Daily Mail. “He didn’t seem bothered about it at all, but in his healthy state it meant he was still very hard to get hold of.”

Once they were able to snatch him up, Tully was immediately rushed into emergency surgery in Devon Meadows, Victoria, where he was given an anesthetic, and after just 15 minutes, the surgical staff successfully removed the nail. Tully will spend the next 10 days recuperating and taking antibiotics before being released.

Though a suspect has not yet been found, Williamson can only speculate that local children on break from school are to blame for this attack.

“It really is just a blatant act of senseless cruelty,” Williamson says. “It’s hard to believe anybody would want to do something like this. Fortunately he is making a great recovery.”