Courtesy Banfield Pet Hospital
Kelli Bender
October 25, 2016 10:05 AM

Several weeks ago, a tiny kitten made a big splash in the news that followed the landfall of Hurricane Matthew.

The baby cat, now named Pipes, was found caught in the deluge of rain from the storm and was brought to a Banfield Pet Hospital at a North Carolina PetSmart. During her stay, Pipes was outfitted with a little sweater made out of a tube sock, an adorable look that helped her find Internet fame fast.

Pipes, who was just getting adopted by her new family when we first met her, is now better than ever.

Courtesy Banfield Pet Hospital
Courtesy Banfield Pet Hospital

“Pipes is doing great! Currently transitioning from a milk replacer formula to solid foods. Pipes is nursing from a bottle 1-2 times per day, and is having solid foods the rest of the time. She is very playful and loves exploring the house,” Mark Biondolillo, the Practice Manager of the Banfield Pet Hospital told PEOPLE in an email. 

The little tabby cat’s new home includes two young girls and a pet dog to befriend. Pipes is putting in work, snuggling on the feet of her new family and playing with her pup sibling. It didn’t take long for the family to become smitten with their new member, but the dog is still trying to figure things out.

Banfield Kitten

Pipes’ closet is expanding as well. The kitten has turned her Twitter fame into an adorable Instagram and Twitter accounts, Pipes in Sock, full of shots of the kitten in the latest in cat-chic sock styles.

“For Halloween she will be dressed as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. She will also be sporting a pink sock for Breast Cancer Awareness, and you can look forward to seeing her decked out for the holidays as well,” Biondolillo added.

While Pipes does the modeling, her family plans to use her Instagram and Twitter accounts as a way to raise awareness about pet adoption and all the wonderful animals you can find in shelters.

Because Pipes was found in the rain early, she has no residual health problems from her wet day. The kitten recently went in for a check-up, where the doctors were happy to give her a clean bill of health and sign her up for the Kitten Early Care Plus Wellness Plan.

Banfield Pet Hospitals want all animals, like Pipes, to be safe from the ravages of natural disasters, veterinarian Dr. Carla Lerum has this advice for animal lovers who find a critter stranded in a storm:

“It is important to understand that in the aftermath of a disaster, any lost or displaced pet may be scared or injured, which can cause them to react in aggressive or unpredictable ways. If you decide to approach a pet in this situation, please do so with extreme caution. Contact your local office of emergency management, animal control or nearest shelter to identify where displaced pets are being housed and to scan any pet for a microchip which is the most reliable way to identify an owner. Additionally, if medical care is needed please take the pet to an emergency animal hospital to address concerns. If you are unable to reach them and you will be keeping the pet in meantime, it’s best to keep the pet separated from your own pets for safety reasons of illness or injury.”

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