There's a Secret Sweet (and Furry) Side to Netflix's Star-Studded Action Film 'Triple Frontier'

J.C. Chandor, the director of Triple Frontier, found a new canine friend on the set of the Netflix film

Netflix’s new thriller Triple Frontier is an action-packed and chock-full or rugged, handsome men (Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal and Charlie Hunnam, to name of few). What you won’t find in the film is a ton of sweetness, but director J.C. Chandor says that behind the scenes things got pretty cute.

Chandor told PEOPLE that sharp-eyed viewers can catch a glimpse early in the film of what was happening off-screen. Around the 10-minute mark of Triple Frontier a dog wanders into a chase scene. This is just one of the dozens of stray canines that the cast and crew of Triple Frontier met and befriended during their time filming outside Bogotá, Colombia.

The dogs of these communities were well-fed and well-loved, but didn’t have access to regular veterinary treatment. In an effort to care for these canines, and bring a little more joy to filming, the crew set up a kennel for the dogs that enjoyed roaming around set. Here, the dogs received veterinary care from a vet brought in by the crew and underwent spay/neuter surgeries.

Of course, it was hard for the animal lovers on set to ignore this adorable presence. Chandor was one of many involved with Triple Frontier that would spend his breaks visiting and socializing with the dogs in the kennels. There was one puppy in particular that caught his eye, a scruffy guy with happy eyes who loved to come to the front of his cage to greet the director.

Ben Grund

Chandor sent a few photos of the puppy to his family, who had recently said goodbye to their own 18-year-old dog, but didn’t think of bringing the dog back. That is until, after filming wrapped, a production assistant called the director, now back in the United States, from the set to let him know that the dog he was always looking at could be flown to him if he was willing to pay for the plane ticket. Chandor and his family said yes, and a fews days later, after being cleared by the vet, the puppy flew on a jet to New York’s John f. Kennedy Airport, where he was met by Chandor.

J.C. Chandor/Netflix

The puppy has grown into a “rather big” dog now. His name is Maximo, a moniker Chandor and his family decided on after learning it is one of the most popular baby names in Colombia. Maximo (or “Max”) loves living out in the woods with his new family. He spends his days running through the trees, protecting his loved ones from wild animals and enjoying home cooked meals.

Cameron Goodyear

Every time Chandor looks at Maximo resting happily at the foot of his bed, he says he is reminded of his amazing experience filming Triple Frontier and of the beauty and hospitality of Maximo’s home country.

Maximo was not the only dog who found a forever home thanks to Triple Frontier. Chandor says several other crew members, many of who were from Bogotá, fell in love with their own versions of Maximo and brought dogs home.

Triple Frontier is available to stream on Netflix on March 13

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