Tree to be Planted in Honor of Socks the Cat

Business owner Susan Pearce-Ditch gives the gift of a tree to Betty Currie upon hearing that White House cat Socks passed away.

When Bill Clinton’s former White House secretary, Betty Currie, caretaker of Presidential cat Socks, went on vacation over the summer before the cat passed away last week, she left the famous feline in the caring hands of the staff at the Chesapeake Pet Resort in Hollywood, Maryland – and they fell in love with him. “He was very well behaved and very cooperative. We really enjoyed Socks, he was a wonderful pet and he’s apparently touched a lot of lives,” says Susan Pearce-Ditch, owner of the resort.

So when Pearce-Ditch heard of Sock’s death last week at the grand old age of 20, she decided on a fitting tribute for the world-renowned kitty. She purchased a tree in the cat’s honor which will be planted in St. Mary’s county by the Department of Natural Resources in Maryland. “Mrs. Currie actually called yesterday, she received the certificate for the tree memorial and was very touched,” Pearce-Ditch tells PEOPLE Pets. “[she] said she was going to mention it to President Clinton. When she talked to him she was going to let him know that she was very touched and it meant a lot to her.”

Pearce-Ditch says the tree will be planted in a Maryland state park area, not far from Currie’s home in Hollywood.

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