Treats to Try: 20% Off Orders from Who Wants a Treat?

The online pet snack site offers only the best for its clients

Though Ryan Bruyninckx and Jason Lai don’t bake treats from scratch, they’re pretty picky about what they serve to their 7-year-old rescue dog, Chopstick. “We struggled for so many years to find something that was healthy and wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg,” Bruyninckx tells “A lot of treats and food didn’t taste so good, either.”

Frustrated by deadends at pet stores – and even a bit frightened by pet food recalls – the pair decided to launch their own company, allowing them to collect and distribute treats that they found up to par. “We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we had the healthy, all-natural, tasty products come to us?’ ” Bruyninckx recalls. And so, their online store, Who Wants a Treat?, was born.

Now, the year-old company offers a variety of handpicked snacks, and ships them swiftly – at competitive prices – to customers. “We’ve done research,” Bruyninckx says. “We’ve looked at the history and quality of these treats and foods, the ingredients, the nutritional content. And we ask if it’s something that Chopstick actually likes.”

That’s right, the terrier mix taste-tests everything before it hits the web. “She’s very picky with her treats,” Lai explains, “so we have her do comparisons. We’ll have her try several treats, then lay them out on the floor, and whichever she goes to first we figure she likes best. Ultimately, if she doesn’t like it, we won’t carry it.” For the record, her favorite is Fruitables pumpkin and banana, while popular brands among customers include Pet Greens and Sojos.

Testing isn’t all so scientific, though; it’s about aesthetics too. “I also choose some based on packaging,” Lai confesses. “I’m an interior designer, and if it’s ugly, I don’t want to carry it. Dogs can tell!”

But above all, Bruyninckx and Lai really are dedicated to delivering the best to Chopstick and other dogs nationwide. “We’ve provided treats to a lot of finicky eaters,” Bruyninckx says. “Our dogs are like our children. Why wouldn’t we feed them this well?” Readers: Receive 20% off your first order from using code PEOPLEPETS at checkout! And be sure to follow Chopstick (and the company) on Facebook and Twitter.

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