Tragic Loss: Leave Your Condolences for Martha Stewart

The media mogul's dog perishes along with more than a dozen dogs in a propane explosion at a Pennsylvania kennel.

Martha Stewart is mourning the loss of her dog Ghenghis Khan who died in an explosion at a Pennsylvania kennel. The blast happened on Friday when Timothy Kleinhagen was filling a propane tank at the facility that cared for many show dogs and was co-owned by Karen Tracy.

Kleinhagen reportedly remained in critical condition on Saturday, and Tracy called him “a hero” for trying to rescue many dogs even after suffering severe burns in the blaze. 16 dogs died as a result of the explosion, the Morning Call reported. Thirteen were being treated at nearby hospitals, many with first, second and third degree burns.

Stewart, who announced that she adopted Ghenghis Khan in December, posted updates on Twitter and blogged about the horrific incident Sunday on her blog in a posting titled, “A terrible event.”

I am deeply saddned by THIS STORY. My heart goes out to Karen Tracy and I am hoping for a speedy recovery for those (both pets and humans) injured in this terrible event. Here is a tribute to my little Ghenghis Khan who perished in the blaze.

Our hearts go out to Martha Stewart and the other families who are mourning the loss of their beloved pet. Leave your condolences for them below.

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