If cage diving with sharks makes you yawn, we've got a terrifying new animal adventure for you

May 01, 2018 03:30 PM

If cage diving with sharks makes you yawn, we’ve got a terrifying new animal adventure for you. Calling all you tough guys and gals, and large reptile lovers from all over the globe. For upwards of $14,000, you can go swimming with crocodiles.

Through an outfitter called Big Animals Expeditions, tourists are invited to dive into remote waters with these beasts.

“We are inextricably drawn to predators. We know how dangerous they are, but we want more than anything to get close to them. This is your chance to be in the water with an apex predator capable of taking down animals far larger and stronger than humans,” says the Big Animals Expeditions 2017 tour itinerary.

In the Okavango Delta, a river in Botswana, Africa, “3 privileged guests” can join massive Nile crocodiles for a leisurely swim. (Thrill-seekers may also want to try a similar version of this crocodile photographing expedition in Cuba, as seen in the video above.) The fearsome creatures can grow to more than 12-feet-long and weigh up to half a ton. They can also kill a person with a snap of their gigantic jaws and, according to the Daily Mail, are responsible for hundreds of human deaths every year.

But, if you’re not swayed to ditch this death wish dream and still insist on a week-long excursion filled with “crocodile diving and adventure,” the company assures its reptilian adrenaline junkies that the crocodiles who frequent the expedition locations are “lethargic and slow.”

Led by Amos Nachoum, who has 40 years experience as an adventurer and guide, and five years experience specifically with crocodiles, the group is directed to wait until exactly the right time before they’re instructed to swim towards the crocs.

According to the brochure, “We may remain with a crocodile for 30 seconds or 15 minutes. Timing is entirely determined by the crocodile remaining in the same place and for our quiet, relaxed presence not to be considered as a threat. We will stay with the croc as long as it will allow of us, and when the croc is done, so are we. We treat these animals with complete respect because they deserve it, and our safety is dependent upon it … There is also a precise exit procedure. Once the croc has left or been disturbed, we depart together. After reaching the middle of the river by following the bottom, the leader surfaces to direct the boat to us. We never ascend mid-water or on the surface as this can make us appear as a prey item to the crocodile. We surface in the protection of the boat’s silhouetted shadow when signaled to do so … We move on to the next crocodile sighting following the same procedure with each guest having their turn. Only one guest will be allowed in the water at a time, ensuring that our full attention is focused on making sure that you will be completely safe and protected while photographing these gigantic living relics.”

As Nachoum tells the Daily Mail, “This is for people who want the ultimate experience but who are also experienced divers.”

And so far, the crocodile-loving clientele is giving the experience rave reviews.

“It was wonderful,” 62-year-old British tourist and former Navy sailor Tony Rowlands told the Mail. “You can swim up close to this massive prehistoric animal, knowing he could tear you to shreds in seconds but he doesn’t, and it’s wonderful.”



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