Touching Video Shows Service Dog Helping Upset Human with Asperger Syndrome

Samson has been train to take action when he senses his owner is feeling troubled or depressed

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A video of a woman with Asperger’s having a meltdown and subsequently being comforted by a dog has gone viral.

Danielle Jacobs posted the video to YouTube, along with the following caption:

“This is what having Asperger’s is like. Please no negative comments this really happened and it’s not easy to open myself and share what it’s like on a daily basis. This is what’s considered a meltdown. Yes Samson is alerting. I trained him to alert to depressive episodes and self harm, not both, but he alerted. It appears the response is late but it’s actually supposed to be as I’m coming out of the meltdown as I tend to have a panic attack after.

Asperger’s is considered to be a mild form of Autism. While people who have Asperger’s may have difficulty in social situations or high stress scenarios, they are often high functioning and intelligent.

According to CBS News, “Some people with Asperger’s experience meltdowns in response to high levels of stress or over-stimulation in the environment.”

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This video gives us a glimpse as to how much a pup can help a human in a distressful situation.

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