Toronto Cat Rescue/Instagram
February 10, 2017 03:03 PM

They’re calling it one of their “most challenging rescue missions yet.”

According to a fundraising page, the The Toronto Cat Rescue wants to help a rural no-kill shelter that is over capacity by a whopping 400 cats.

They’re calling the large-scale rescue “Project Velcro,” because, as The Star newspaper reported, the cats are so happy to see any humans that they latch onto legs when people are around.

“These felines are at risk of being seized and euthanized,” says a message on the fundraising page. “It’s our goal to help as many of these cats as possible so that they may get needed medical treatment and a chance of living out a full life in a loving home. Please donate today to support this project.”

The page says that 19 of the cats were already in the care of the rescue, and another 75 were due to arrive on Jan. 31.

“Over the next couple of months, with your help, we hope to help the remaining cats,” it reads. “Every one of these 400 cats is counting on you. Thank you.”

A feline named Diamond was one of the first kitties to receive help. “She is saying a big thank you to all of the wonderful donors who have given a gift to help these loving cats,” an Instagram post says. “She can’t wait to meet her forever family very soon!”

To help the rescue pay for veterinary checks and vaccinations — which will cost $3,750 for 75 cats — click here to donate.

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