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September 15, 2017 03:56 PM

On Thursday night, Tori Spelling revealed that two of her dogs were attacked — and one almost killed — by a coyote.

“We’re on the prowl for coyotes,” Spelling, 44, said during an Instagram Live from her backyard. “Because coyotes got into our yard and dragged out … well, attacked one of our dogs, only four bites, but dragged one of them into a neighbor’s year and almost killed him.”

In an email to PEOPLE, she elaborated on the dramatic scene, explaining that pup Musso escaped in her own yard with the four bites, but Ferris, who ran to her neighbor’s yard, was not so lucky.

“[Our neighbor’s] wife was inside and heard coyotes attacking a small dog who was screaming. She screamed to her husband who was just getting in his car to go to work to help. He grabbed a broom and ran full force up the hill chasing the coyotes away,” Spelling said. The coyotes — who were “shaking Ferris like a rag doll,” the neighbor recounted — dropped him, but he was bleeding from his neck and couldn’t walk.

The neighbor ran Ferris to the local animal hospital, put down a deposit and claimed the pup, whom he nicknamed Champ, as his own, so doctors could get started on emergency care. “At that point he’d lost a lot of blood and wasn’t breathing well,” Spelling said.

“Literally we went to the hospital to say goodbye and he pulled through and Ferris, we hope, is coming home today,” the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum added on Instagram. “If they hadn’t acted so quickly, Ferris, who I have had for 15 years, would be dead. He’s a little miracle. No one at the vet can believe how truly lucky he is. ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital in Woodland Hills have been amazing, working 24/7 to help him rehabilitate.”

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Though Ferris’s outlook is good, Spelling and husband Dean McDermott aren’t taking any chances.

“As we’ve heard, once coyotes smell blood they come back,” she said on Instagram. “We are hiding our other dogs inside, our chickens are in their coop, but we’re on the prowl to see if the sneaky bastards are coming back.

“A coyote was spotted this morning,” Spelling continued, “But my husband, he’s such a guy, they have that hunter/masculine thing invested in their soul, he was on the lookout for him. I was like, ‘What are you going to do, throw a pebble at him?’

“My friend said there’s something about putting cayenne pepper around your yard and having the oldest male in the family piss around the surroundings, the proximity of your yard, so I think we’re going to try that, and if he made that up I don’t mind because I’m going to make Dean do it and I’m going to laugh my ass off,” she continued.

If nothing else, though, the experience has brought the Spelling-McDermott family closer to their neighbors.

“We owe Robert and his wife Esmeralda everything,” Spelling said. “They have a 2-year-old and we have had him over playing with the kids the last two days. He loves seeing our other animals and scootering on our tennis court. It’s nice to know there are still good people in this world.”


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