The reality starlet and her husband call pup Rosie an "aggressive beggar"

Tori Spelling wears many hats: She’s a mother, wife, author, actress, reality star and surprisingly, foster dog mom. Speaking to at the MTV Movie Awards’ Cesar Canine Cuisine Lounge in Beverly Hills on Friday, Spelling and husband Dean McDermott revealed that they work with Much Love Animal Rescue, keeping needy dogs at their home until they find forever families.

“We can’t put a number on how many dogs we have – we might get in trouble,” Spelling tells “Our yard is large enough, so we can keep all those dogs.”

Out of all the four-legged furballs running around their California home, though, Spelling says shepherd-Lab mix Rosie is her favorite. “The kids love her,” she says. “She is the kindest, gentlest dog ever.” Found in El Monte, Calif., pregnant and with a tire stuck around her neck, Rosie came to the family’s home when she was just over a year old. “The father of her babies stayed with her until she was rescued,” Spelling says. “He was a purebred Chow, so the puppies were gorgeous.”

Now settled into the family’s home, Rosie loves to beg … for everything. “We can’t leave any food on the counters overnight, because she’ll get to it,” Spelling says. “She’s quite an aggressive beggar,” adds McDermott. “She’ll put her head on the center of the table until you give her something.”

She’s also bold enough to scavenge for her food. In fact, McDermott recalls a time when he came home to find Rosie in quite the precarious position. “We had one of those trashcans with a domed lid and a little trash door that would swing open and closed,” he says. The actor could tell the pup had been digging in the trash – because she was wearing it! “The trashcan lid got stuck on her head,” he laughs. “She walked around the house with that on.”