The little lamb goes for walks through town with his puppy siblings

By People Staff
Updated May 21, 2010 11:45 AM

Did you hear the one about the lamb who thinks he’s a dog? Strangely enough, it’s no joke – a baby lamb in Somerset, England, is taking after his puppy siblings.

It all started when the lamb, named Chops, was rescued by Dan Adams after a “traumatic birth,” according to Rex Features, the agency that snapped this photo. Dan brought Chops home to mom Amanda, who couldn’t resist nursing the little one back to health with bottle feedings. He instantly took to the family’s 8-year-old lurcher, Archie, and would snuggle up with the pup to keep warm at night.

Since Chops quickly adjusted to the dog’s life (and who wouldn’t?), he started exploring the family’s house like a dog, and joined in for walks with Archie and the family’s Labrador. Now, he’s so used to walks, or “walkies,” as Amanda calls them, that he comes running anytime he hears her call her pups to go outside. In fact, Chops even has his own leash – and he doesn’t seem to mind it. Imagine that!