2-week-old collie-spaniel mix gets into more than a nip of trouble while home alone

Yet another alarming victim of underage drinking: When Janice Williams walked through her door in Bramford, England, she found that her tiny 2-week-old collie-spaniel-mix, Edith, had managed to get herself stuck – in a wine rack.

Gone only 45 minutes, Williams came home to find that “our big wine rack, which is usually standing in the corner, was on the floor and her head was stuck in the circle,” she tells the U.K.’s East Anglian Daily Times. “She was making a rasping sound and was very quiet.”

Afraid the puppy was going to die, Williams removed her collar but was unable to dislodge her from the shelving, so she called the fire department immediately. “They were here within six minutes and they used a cutter to take away part of the rack and free her – they were absolutely great,” says Williams. “Edie sprung free straight away and jumped into my arms for a cuddle.”

While little Edie managed to walk away without any injuries, Williams worries that the incident might be a sign of more bad behavior to come. “She is full of mischief already,” she says. “And I am thinking of taking her to dog agility classes to keep her occupied.”

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