The two endangered Siberian tiger cubs will make their public debut at the Toledo Zoo on June 12
Toledo Zoo has two beautiful new Amur tiger cubs
Credit: The Toledo Zoo

The Toledo Zoo recently welcomed two new members to its animal family.

On Monday, the Ohio zoo announced on social media that two Amur tigers, also known as Siberian tigers, were born at the facility this year. The endangered tiger cubs — one male and one female — were born to first-time mom Talya and dad Titan on March 19, reports 13ABC.

According to the outlet, the adorable new arrivals are the first tiger cubs to live at the zoo in nine years.

"I'm so proud of the zoo's animal caretakers and veterinary staff for their hard work in making the birth of these two cubs possible," Jeff Sailer, the Toledo Zoo's president and CEO, shared in the zoo's Facebook announcement. "I cannot wait for all of you in our community to get the chance to see these wonderful new tiger cubs. There are so few tigers left in the world that the birth of these cubs is a great benefit to the population of these endangered species."

The staff has yet to name the baby tigers but told 13ABC that the cubs have already shown their individual personalities.

"The two cubs are so different, the male is calm and relaxed whenever we have interactions with him, but the female, woo, let me tell you … she is a bundle of energy, you would think she is a 400-pound tiger right now, and she is the size of a football," Michael Frushour, the curator of mammals for the Toledo Zoo, told the outlet. 

Zoo guests will have the opportunity to view the cubs on June 12 when the duo makes their public debut. Until then, the baby animals will remain behind the scenes to bond with mom.