Canine Caper! Hidden Camera Reveals Adorable Reason Toddler Is Able to Escape Baby-Proofed Room

Chloe Cardinal's family is now looking to dog-proof their baby-proofed home

Ocean’s 8 comes out this weekend and to prime your palate for the heist film, we have a different kind of caper.

On Friday morning, 15-month-old Chloe Cardinal pulled off the impossible: she managed to crawl over the high mesh guard on her bed, open her bedroom door and waddle into the hallway of her family’s Phoenix home, reports ABC News.

Chloe’s parents, who found the little Houdini in the hallway shortly after she escaped and safely returned her to bed, were baffled about how their toddler was able to pull off such a feat.

So they went to the baby monitor tape to figure out what trick Chloe had up her onesie. Turns out the kid wasn’t acting alone.

Footage from the Nest security camera that the Cardinal family has set up in Chloe’s room revealed the toddler’s two best friends, family dogs Colby and Bleu, were the inside men in this scheme. The video shows the golden retrievers nosing open the bedroom door, which is too high for Chloe to reach, and jumping into the girl’s bed for a cuddle session.

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The pooches then encourage Chloe to move playtime outside by running in and out of the bedroom. Eager to get in some quality canine time, Chloe manages to follow the dogs out the door they opened for her.

Chloe’s dad, Chris Cardinal, told ABC News that while he and his wife Nina baby-proofed their home, they are now looking into dog-proofing the baby-proofing to make sure Colby and Bleu don’t tempt Chloe into any more trouble.

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