Toast the dog's death was announced on Friday on the canine's popular Instagram account

December 15, 2017 03:37 PM

Toast the dog‘s 377,000 Instagram followers were greeted with sad news today.

The puppy mill rescue who became one of the first canine social media stars has died. The Instagram post sharing the tragic announcement did not offer any insight into what led to her death, but it did pay tribute to the famous pup and her impressive career.

“Heaven has a new star tonight. We’re heartbroken to share the news that Toast has passed. This puppy mill rescue had an exceptional life. She wrote a book, had a televised wedding, appears on billboards across the country promoting rescue and modeled for an international eyewear campaign,” reads the post. “But above all, she was a best friend, a world champion little spoon…but she was far from being an angel.”

The caption adorning a smiling shot of Toast goes on to explain that she loved to snore, steal toilet paper and get carried around her home during her private hours. Publicly, the canine was celebrated for her dedication to shutting down puppy mills, even donating proceeds from her extravagant wedding to the cause, and for her amazing sense of style.

In remembrance of the pup’s philanthropy, her owner, fashion publicist Katie Sturino, plans to post tributes to Toast on Instagram and raise money to continue the dog’s fight to end puppy mills.

Along with donating, the post also asks Toast’s fans to consider posting photos with the hashtag #ToastMeetsHeaven to honor the special animal.

“Toast loved meeting fans at meet ups and on the streets. She knew she was loved and adored by people around the globe and we are so grateful to have known her. Our hearts will eventually heal knowing that she will live on forever in people’s hearts,” the Instagram caption concludes.

Toast is survived by her two fur siblings Underpants and Muppet. This somber announcement follows close behind the sudden death of Chloe the Mini Frenchie, another canine social media star.



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