The pup has made a complete turn around since her rescue in Old Town, Alexandria

By Amy Jamieson
Updated November 08, 2016 03:51 PM
Credit: Courtesy Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

Cub E. Bear owes a lot to a good Samaritan who rescued her from the Potomac River.

According to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, Virginia, which is now caring for the dog, the do-gooder was sitting by the waterfront at night in Old Town, Alexandria, on Oct. 21 when he heard the pup’s cries.

“Following the noise, he discovered a female toy poodle exhausted and spent on a rock in the shallows of the Potomac River,” a post on the rescue’s website says. “Wading into the water, he collected the dog and brought her immediately to Alexandria VCA Animal Hospital — one of AWLA’s Animal Champions.”

The middle-aged dog was found to have severely diseased eyes and more.

“Careful removal of severely matted fur exposed the presence of maggots and other skin issues,” the post says. “Veterinarians spent two hours cleaning and treating the toy poodle, making her comfortable until she could be transferred to the AWLA in the morning.”

Withdrawn and “disinterested in engagement,” sleep was all Cub E. Bear wanted to do as she recovered those first few days, the shelter said. But with much rest, a new dog has emerged.

“Cub E. Bear is the picture of vitality,” the post says of the dog now. “Lively and loving, she now demands interaction and play from every passerby, and loves playing fetch at every opportunity. She strongly objects to being left alone.”

Communications coordinator Mary Flynn tells PEOPLE that the dog is doing great, will undergo spay surgery on Tuesday, and should be available to adopt later in the week. “We named her Cub E. Bear because just like the Cubs, she was an underdog who beat the odds and became a miracle,” Flynn added.

To keep up with her recovery, follow the rescue’s Facebook page.