The Barneys creative director offers his Norwich terrier’s costume expertise

By People Staff
Updated October 25, 2010 06:46 PM

Simon Doonan’s dog, Liberace, will be dressing up for Halloween – and, naturally, his costume will come from Doonan’s Costume Couture collection from Target. The Norwich terrier plans to sport the spaghetti and meatballs ensemble, and will be taking his delicious-looking self to the Olive Garden this weekend.

We got a preview of the pooch in his Italian dinner outfit, and couldn’t help but wonder: How does Liberace look so good?

“Liberace is no different from any other supermodel,” Doonan tells “He knows his angles, so he is comfortable in any costume. Confidence is key.”

It doesn’t all come naturally to the pooch, who, like most mortals, has to work at fitting into those tiny sample sizes. “Liberace is not into yoga, but he does enjoy a little exercise now and then,” Doonan says. “His favorite workout consists of barking at other dogs on the TV.”

Thanks to all these hours of training he gets just by being around Doonan, who is one of the foremost experts on getting dressed and looking fantastic, Liberace doesn’t need to be coached into donning a new outfit. But Doonan knows not every dog has Liberace’s gifts, so he has this to offer to pet owners who are at wit’s end this Halloween.

“If your pet is reluctant to dress up, there is a solution,” Doonan says. “Pop him or her into his or her costume and then pull out a big dreamy steak. The two things will be forever associated in your pet’s little brain.”

See more from Simon Doonan’s Costume Couture collection at Target stores and online.

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