Monte the cat gets his name from the brand of car he was rescued from, using a chainsaw

August 04, 2016 11:40 AM

“No half measures”

Hal from Malcolm in the Middle once said that in The Sopranos, and it’s as true today — when discussing the best way to get a kitten out of a car dashboard — as when it was written.

Vero Beach, Florida, resident Denise Wilford-Neal recently adopted Monte, an adorable kitten, who, in the way of kittens since time immemorial, loves being cute and climbing into inaccessible places. In this case, it was the dashboard of Wildford-Neal’s car.

Wilford-Neal tried luring Monte out with snacks, water and cajoling, but nothing worked. After about 20 hours, she turned to Facebook, posting a request for help. Travis Inman, a mechanic, showed up and helped disassemble the car’s dash, but Monte was still inaccessible. So they made the hard decision to pull out the big guns: A chainsaw, which was used to saw open the car, irredeemably damaging it, but saving the kitten. (Fair trade.)

Oh, and the car was a Monte Carlo. That’s where the little guy gets his name. (If you’d like to help the family out with some car-related funds, you can contact Wilford-Neal’s daughter Amanda through Facebook.)

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