January 05, 2017 03:08 PM

Forget everything the dentist told you about oral hygiene. We have a better reason to stock up on toothbrushes: kitten massages.

We admit, the instructional information that accompanies this video was not the first reason we were mewing and awwing over it. However, the fact that giving a toothbrush massage-and-groom session to a kitten is actually good for the little furball is icing on the cuteness cupcake.

In the Instagram video above, kitten rescuer and foster mom Hannah Shaw demonstrates her kitten comforting method.

“A toothbrush mimics a mother’s tongue licking them,” says Shaw. She goes on to explain that sometimes brushing a kitten even influences it to begin its first grooming behaviors on its own.

Genius! And adorable. For more kitty sweetness and orphan-rearing tricks of the trade, follow Kitten Lady on YouTube or Instagram.


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