Tiny, Chubby Canadian Cat that Captured World's Attention for Extra Pounds, Dies

A fund created for the once morbidly obese cat has saved the lives of countless animals, the shelter said

Photo: AP Photo/David Smith, The Canadian Press

Tiny, a 30-plus-pound feline, who made news around the world when he showed up at the Fredericton SPCA in a box in 2011, has died, according to a message on the Canadian adoption center’s website.

The morbidly obese cat, who eventually slimmed down to 16 lbs. in 2013, helped educate the public about pet nutrition during his weight loss journey, the shelter said, and a medical fund set up in his honor has helped countless animals requiring surgeries and specialized care.

“Tiny’s legacy is huge beginning with his public awareness campaigns and then equally important with his fund that has helped to avoid euthanasia and provide other animals with a healthy, happy life in their forever homes,” said Annette James, the director of operations for the FSPCA. “We are dedicated to keeping that legacy growing in his honour. We want to thank everyone who has joined Tiny’s Facebook page and donated to his cause.”

In 2014, while the shelter was celebrating its 100th anniversary, the inspirational kitty was presented on the floor of the Provincial Legislature, the first animal in the history of the Province to have that honor, the shelter said.

The cat, who went into a foster home after he was discovered in a box with another cat in 2011, weighing a whopping 30.2 lbs., gradually lost the weight with exercise and a low-calorie vet prescribed diet. In 2013, Tiny reached his “goal weight” of 16 lbs., according to his Facebook page.

Karen McGeean, marketing and development director for the FSPCA, said Tiny’s death was sudden.

“Tiny’s passing is a shock to all who knew and loved him,” she said in a statement. “While he has done very well since losing and successfully keeping off the weight with the help of his amazing foster/adoptive mom, we recognize that he was elderly and we were all able to give him a healthy, happy life to the end. Again this emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy weight for all pets and we encourage everyone to work with their veterinarian regarding proper nutrition or a weight-loss plan.”

To help other animals in Tiny’s honor, call 506-459-1555 or donate via Facebook.

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