'Timeless' Star Matt Lanter: My Fluffy White Maltipoo Challenges My Masculinity

Matt Lanter says having a white, fluffy dog can be 'embarrassing'

Matt Lanter is the first one to admit that his 5-year-old Maltipoo Ahsoka isn’t the most conventionally masculine choice for a pet.

“The challenge for me is to keep my masculinity with my fluffy white dog,” the Timeless star, 33, tells PEOPLE in the Sexiest Man Alive issue. “I think her being a 13-pound, white, fluffy dog, things can get embarrassing really quickly.”

To give his pet a more masculine edge, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars voice actor insisted that his “diva” dog get a name from the animated series.

My wife [Angela, 31] wanted to get this fluffy white poodle, and I said, ‘Alright, if we’re doing that I’m naming her a Star Wars name,’ ” says Lanter, who named his pooch after his character Anakin Skywalker’s sidekick.

Even though she’s fluffy and small, Lanter says Ahsoka thinks she is a much bigger dog.

“She’s a beast,” he says. “My wife and I go hiking a lot now that we’re living in Vancouver for my show, and Soka acts like she’s a 50-pound dog. She’s scaling mountains out there while we’re having trouble getting up these hills. She loves going out and being outdoorsy.”

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But she tends to get along better with humans than other dogs.

“She’s the friendliest with people, but when it comes to other dogs she’s really skittish,” says Lanter. “I take her to set often, and I think she digs it because she’s friends with everyone. She’s in the wardrobe trailer, hair and makeup, in there making friends when I’m not even in there.”

When she’s not busy being a social butterfly, Ahsoka loves giving the actor morning cuddles.

“She’s a morning snuggle-pup,” he says. “No matter what happens, your pet just loves you for you and is just happy to see you. I think the constant love that they give you is the most rewarding thing.”

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