A new cat café opening in Manchester, England, is looking for a person to tend to its fleet of felines

By Amy Jamieson
Updated March 04, 2016 05:33 PM

Are cats and cuteness totally in your wheelhouse? Then we’ve got the purr-fect job for you!

A new cat café opening in Manchester, England, is looking for a person to tend to its cats — and this is not an unpaid internship. The new CEO (Cat Enjoyment Officer, as we’ve dubbed it) will be paid about $11 an hour.

According to a job description available for download on the café’s Facebook recruitment page, the Cat Nanny is responsible for looking “after the general well being of the Manchester Cat family alongside encouraging customer interaction with the cats,” it reads. “You will be required to look after the cats and the customers to the highest standards at all times. Shifts for Cat Nannies can be around the clock, when the café is both open to the public and closed.”

Duties for this position include but are not limited to:

* Feeding the cats

* Grooming the cats


* Training the cats

Of course, with a job this big comes great responsibility. That means that it’s the Cat Nanny’s job to clean out the litter boxes, wash and clean bedding and make sure the felines roaming the café are physically healthy. To read the full job description, click here.

The biggest challenge of the new gig may be this: as a Cat Nanny, you must develop games and rearrange furniture “to keep the cats’ environment interesting and new.”

Sidenote: When was the last time your cat was remotely interested in anything new? They’re definitely going to need a person with a master’s degree in Cat Behavior Sciences to fill this gig.

The application deadline is April 29.