Tim Tebow and His Pack of Adorable Pups Are Raising Money for Rescue Dogs — And You Can Help!

I and love and you's Thank Your Fur Being a Friend campaign is getting a boost from Tim Tebow and his wife Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Tim Tebow
Photo: Tim Tebow/Instagram

Tim Tebow and his three pooches — known as The Tebow Pack — are giving back to dogs in need.

Tebow, his wife Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, and their trio of pups — Paris the Dalmatian, Kobe the golden retriever, and Chunk the Bernese mountain dog — recently partnered with the holistic pet food brand I and love and you to expand their ability to help other pets. Like the Tebows, I and love and you is dedicated to giving back to animals and has already donated over 1,000,000 meals to animal shelters nationwide.

As part of this new partnership, The Tebow Pack and I and love and you have launched the Thank You Fur Being A Friend campaign. The campaign was created to celebrate all the ways pets have helped their humans during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and to assist animals in need.

To help kick off the campaign Demi and Tim both posted to their Instagram accounts about how their trio of dogs have improved their lives.

"Besides Tim, these three fur babies really are my best friends. They always know exactly what I need, and when I need it," Demi, 25, captioned her post.

"well, it's been almost a year since these kids came home with us! Not many know this, but that night we almost came home with five 😂 Thanks, @TheTebowPack for bringing so much fun and joy into our lives," Tim, 33, wrote in his Instagram about the pups.

Along with these sweet messages, both posts include precious photos of The Tebow Pack and information on how animal lovers can celebrate their own furry friends while also helping pets in need.

"We all love the pets in our lives so our partners, @Iandloveandyoupet will be donating to one of our favorite rescues, @dalmatianrescue. For every story you share about your fur-friends they'll donate ten meals. We'd love to hear why you love and cherish your pets! #TYFBF," Tim explained in his post.

For every pet appreciation story left as a comment on Demi and Tim's posts, I and love and you will donate 10 meals to Dalmatian Rescue of Southern Florida — a rescue close to the family's heart.

So if you have a pet that has helped you through the pandemic, and a little time to brag about them, visit Tim and Demi's posts to share your story and help shelter dogs in the process.

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