Worried Owners Take Dog Who Makes Funny Faces to Vet And Find Pup Is Just Doing it For Attention

Leo the dog loves to squish his nose against objects and now makes funny faces to signal when he wants certain things and to make his TikTok followers smile

This dog loves nothing more than squashing his snout against surfaces to get attention.

The owners of the pup Leo spent hundreds on vets bills to make sure his habit wasn't a symptom of brain damage.

But the two-year-old pooch was merely diagnosed as being a "silly and healthy goofball."

Dog mom Christine Holierhoek, 27, told SWNS, "My boyfriend and I just couldn't stop laughing when we saw him do it. I think he just loves the attention."

Christine, from Bodegraven in the Netherlands, got Leo from a farm when he was a tiny puppy and immediately fell in love.

"I was at a very low point in my life, and I thought that a dog would force me to go outside again," she said. "I look inside the barn, and I just saw two blue eyes looking at me, and he immediately ran towards me and jumped up."

Leo the dog
Christine Holierhoek/SWNS

"Leo was the first puppy that jumped up to me, and I just knew that I had to take him home," Holierhoek added. "His personality was and still is super sweet, not afraid of anything, confident and goofy."

While trying to crate-train their new pet, Christine and boyfriend Remi, 32, noticed him fall asleep with his nose pressed against the bars.

Leo the dog
Christine Holierhoek/SWNS

Leo now knows to squash his snout upon things that he wants; the door to signal he wants to go outside, or the sofa when he wants to have a nap.

"After reading some articles about it, I got worried because it is also a sign of bad health, so we took a visit to the vet," nursing student Holierhoek said. "A couple hundred euros later, the vet told us that we just have a silly and healthy goofball that just likes to press his nose against things.

"He is as healthy as a horse," the owner added.

Leo the dog
Christine Holierhoek/SWNS

Christine started a TikTok featuring Leo and her two Bengal cats, two-year-old Mowgli and three-year-old Bagheera, in 2020.

Their account, @bengalsmowglibagheera, now has over 275,000 followers.

"I found out that lots of people really liked Leo, also because of his enchanting eyes," Holierhoek said. "But then, after posting videos of Leo pressing his nose against things, my TikTok account started growing. Leo has a lot of fans now!"

"I just want lots of people to enjoy Leo's goofiness. I get told a lot of time in the comments under my videos that Leo has brightened their day and put a smile on their face," she added. "That really makes my day to hear that Leo has the ability to do that."

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