All Pet Owners Should Pay Attention to This $22 Cleaning Hack Going Viral on TikTok

You’ll be shocked by how much hair it can remove

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lint remover
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A lot of things have gone viral on TikTok, like watermelon slicers that make creating fruit salads so much easier or the foot peel masks that bring the spa home to you. But the latest is a little more niche. It's a satisfyingly gross lint and hair remover that works on everything from carpets to clothes.

The scraper is designed with fine teeth that remove lint, dirt, hair, and other messes without damaging fabrics. This capability, along with the videos that show it in action, has made the $22 tool a sensation online. In user @homewithchloex's video (that's garnered 45,000 views), you'll see how much grime and gunk it removes from a single stair step. It's so convincing that it's hard not to order one immediately after watching the clip.

Operating it is simple: Use the brush to scrape back on carpeted surfaces. The lightweight tool can be brought out whenever you need to spot clean or when you're doing some more intense scrubbing. Pet owners especially credit this hack for keeping their homes fur-free. One reviewer declared that it's the "easiest way to get rid of dog hair."

"This is amazing," they wrote. "It took less than five minutes for me to clean the entire couch."

Grabbing this handheld cleaner is effortless compared to pulling out a heavy duty vacuum or carpet washing device — you can bring it from the basement to the top floor without breaking a sweat. Plus, it's as straightforward as combing your own hair, yet it can make all of the difference in how your carpet appears and feels.

"This? Freaking magical," exclaimed one reviewer. "It removes every hair. Fast, one stroke, and legit picked up fur I didn't even see… But the best part is using it on furniture. No struggling with the vacuum or using 20 sticky roller sheets. I loved it so much, and I hate cleaning."

Below, shop the device that's catching the hearts of pet owners, skeptics, internet users, and neat freaks alike.

lint remover

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