August 26, 2016 06:42 AM

No body-shaming here, just a little data collection.

Saturday was the London Zoo’s annual weigh-in, where keepers try to get as many of the zoo’s creatures on the scales as possible. This means big cats, bugs, reptiles and birds are all trotted out for a check up.

The yearly event is fun to watch, but the tradition isn’t just for show. Keeping up-to-date weights on the zoo’s animals is important. The data allows keepers to track the heath of each critter to ensure no one gets too many snacks.

The information also goes into an international database, where zoos around the world can compare the weights, heights and other measurements of thousands of species.

With over 19,000 animals at the zoo, and only 24 hours to work, the staff has to get creative with how they measure each resident,using treat incentives and hidden scales.

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