Hoover was kept in a tiny cage and subjected to regular beatings before his rescue

By Kelli Bender
June 16, 2016 07:47 PM

Hoover the tiger finally knows the feeling of grass between his paw pads. 

Animal Defenders International rescued the tiger from a circus in Peru, where he had been kept in a small cage his entire life. Hoover was part of a group of 12 sick and emaciated tigers who lived at the circus and were subjected to regular beatings during their training sessions.

Sadly, Hoover was the only one of the dozen alive when ADI, the police, and Peru’s wildlife department arrived at the circus to save the tigers. The country is working to enforce its new law against roadside zoos, but it is a struggle to shut down these operations and save these animals, since many of the circuses have fled into the mountains. 

Hoover is one of the happy endings this new legislation serves to protect. After being rescued, the tiger was transported by ADI to Spirit of Freedom rescue center in Lima, where he was rehabilitated and given the physical and emotional care he desperately needed. 

“Hoover was very lucky to survive, his last cage mate had died before we could get to him. We were very grateful for the public support and information that helped us to track the circus down, now he can live in peace in his wonderful new environment,” ADI president Jan Creamer said in a statement. 

On his 12th birthday, Hoover received the go-ahead to move to his lush, expansive new home in Miami, Florida. ADI oversaw the tiger’s final transport and arranged for a welcome party to greet Hoover at his new home. 

He instantly took to his posh new habitat which includes it’s own swimming lake, plenty of space, a plethora of plants and trees. 

Enjoy your new life Hoover, you deserve it!