The trio of too cute cubs made their debut at the Point Defiance Zoo's new "waterfall exhibit"

By Kelli Bender
Updated June 30, 2015 08:45 PM

Please consider this my official motion to make tiger cub pictures a mandatory part of everyone’s Tuesday.

The stunners above are Sumatran tiger triplets Dari, Indah and Kirana with their mom Jaya, making their debut at the Point Defiance Zoo’s new “waterfall exhibit.”

On Tuesday, the quartet – capable of both melting hearts and destroying rib-eyes – strutted their stripes through the Washington zoo’s largest space for tigers, the Asian Forest Sanctuary, according to KIROTV. The new enclosure has plenty of water features for the active cubs to play in, including, you guessed it, a waterfall.


But let’s get back to the fuzzy stuff. If these tiger triplets look familiar, it’s because they made their first public debut seven months ago. Now they are a bit bigger and ready for full aww-inducing ogling in their new enclosure.

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Seriously, stop reading this. Did you hear what I said? There are cute tigers waiting to be admired! Go!