The three-pound Yorkie was found inside a Massachusetts dumpster by a good Samaritan last month, and has since been rescued and rehabilitated by the MSPCA

By Matt McNulty
June 05, 2019 03:56 PM

A tiny three-pound Yorkie was rescued by a good Samaritan from a Massachusetts dumpster after being “thrown away like trash,” according to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA).

The little dog’s savior was on Blue Hill Avenue in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester on May 21 when they spotted the Yorkie, near death, in a dumpster.

The MSPCA reports the dog was matted, extremely dirty and very thin, having not eaten in at least a week. He required immediate IV fluids after bring rushed to Angell Animal Medical Center.

“His fur was matted and dirty and he was extremely thin, dehydrated and neurologically impaired — likely due to severe nutritional deficiency,” Dr. Hannah Marshall said of the dog, believed to be between two and three years old. “He perked right up after about an hour (following IV fluids) and he has been wonderful ever since,” she said”

Authorities say the dog was neither tagged nor microchipped, making it impossible to identify his owner and hold them responsible for animal cruelty charges.

The little Yorkie has since been named “Oscar.”

Oscar has been in the care of MSPCA’s adoption center staff, and has been improving in the three weeks since being discovered. He’s scheduled to undergo an extensive dental cleaning before being placed in a new home, the MSPCA reports.


“Somebody felt that throwing this dog away like trash was the best way to get rid of a pet they no longer wanted — and that’s especially tragic when there are organizations, such as ours, that will always welcome an animal in need ,” said MSPCA adoption center associate director Anna Rafferty-Foré.

“It’s always shocking to see this level of disregard for animals — in this case a dog that was literally thrown away like garbage,” she added. “Oscar could easily have died in that dumpster and we’re relieved and grateful that he’s been saved.”

The MSPCA is asking those interested in adopting to email for more information.