Trip is now in a loving forever home where he gets to enjoy a soft, warm bed and lots of affection

Trip spent nine years crammed in a puppy mill cage, being used to irresponsibly breed puppies.

Even after watching countless others dogs get their chance at a loving family, the three-legged dog kept his sense of humor and loving personality, according to National Mill Dog Rescue.

Trip and other canines were recently pulled from the puppy mill by the National Mill Dog Rescue. The pooches were placed in a rescue van and driven to one of the non-profit’s facilities in Colorado. There, Trip finally got to enjoy some of the comforts so many other pets get to enjoy every day that he had always been denied: affection, a soft, clean bed and the opportunity to experience the outdoors.

As Trip adjusted to his new, loving surroundings, the rescue also worked on his health, removing infected teeth, giving Trip a good grooming and getting the dog neutered.

After watching several other puppy mill rescues get adopted, Trip’s turn for a forever family finally came. The spunky pup was recently adopted, right before Halloween, and taken to his new home, where he will never be left alone in a cage again.

If you want to open your home to grateful dog who is eager for and deserving of his first taste of freedom and family, visit National Mill Dog Rescue’s website.