WATCH: Ringo the Three-Legged Dachshund Triumphantly Wins Wiener Dog Race

Ringo beat out canines like Dexter and Mr. Boss Longbody

Are you ready to watch one of the greatest stories in the history of Minnesota’s Canterbury Park racetrack?

Its star is Ringo, a three-legged Dachshund taking part in heat 6 of the just-for-fun wiener dog races at the track on July 28. The adorable tripod, aptly sporting number three, got a shout-out at the beginning of the race, but it seems no one expected much of him.

Four-legged dogs like Dexter or Mr. Boss Longbody were predicted to take the win, but that all changed when the dogs sprang out of the gate.

As the announcer points out in the clip above, most of the canine contestants started “racing very erratically.” Ringo kept it straight as an arrow, powering toward the finish line.

His perseverance paid off: While the other dogs were running amok, Ringo made it to the end first and was greeted by the cheers of almost everyone at the track!

A true underdog story.

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