Three Husky Puppies Play Tug-of-War with Their Mom (VIDEO)

It's all fun and games until they become dog-teens

What more could you possibly need in a headline than that?

No soundtrack, no narration, barely a sound other than the scrabble of little claws on tile floor it’s a classic in minimalist pet-cinema video.

It’s not the size of the dogs in the game of tug of war, it’s the size of the tug in the dogs. Right? That’s how that goes, yeah?

Anyway, stop reading this right now and just watch the puppies play with mom. They’ve only got like, one, maybe two years tops of this before they become angry dog-teens and start listening to rock and roll and barricading themselves in their crates for hours on end.

And don’t get us started on what happens when they start dating.

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