Brian was found in an industrial park near a cat rescue in Norfolk, U.K.

November 17, 2015 06:01 PM

If four-leaf clovers are lucky, then I’d like to believe Brian the cat is lucky too. That’s because this rescue feline is sporting an extra ear. 

The bonus triangle atop his head is merely decorative, according to Feline Care Cat Rescue, the Norfolk, U.K., group that found Brian, but it’s getting the moggie plenty of extra attention. 

Brian was found wandering the grounds of an industrial park near Feline Care Cat Rescue and immediately became a star among the shelter’s staff. 

“It’s obviously a really rare thing as our vet hasn’t seen it as well,” the rescue’s manager, Molly Farrar, told the BBC. “We see plenty of cats with no tails, some tails, only a little bit of tail missing, cats with three legs, one eye, cats with all kinds of disabilities, but this is something quite special.”

While the rescue toyed with more playful names – like Spock – for the kitty, they ended up on Brian because that is the manager’s name at the garage where the feline was found. 

Feline Care Cat Rescue

Brian the cat is now enjoying four-star treatment at the shelter, including lots of treats, while the staff searches for his owner. Based on where he was found, the rescue thinks the cat could’ve been dumped or accidentally ended up on the back of a truck. 

If no one comes forward as Brian’s owner he will be put for adoption. Requests to take the kitty home have poured in from eager cat lovers all around the world, but the rescue says it hopes to pair Brian with someone local. 

To help kitties like Brian stay healthy and find homes, donate to Feline Cat Care Rescue here

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