October 28, 2015 04:51 PM

Edward the baby two-toed sloth loves Halloween just as much as you do. 

The newest member of the Zoological Society of London’s zoo, Edward feels right at home with his new family. His days are pretty paradisiacal: climbing on trees, drinking tasty goat’s milk, nibbling on carrots and playing with pumpkins.

“Edward is getting ready for his first Halloween in the rain forest. He’s been doing really well. He’s been feeding and growing,” says Kelly Annkelleher, an employee at the zoo who hand-reared Edward. “When we first started feeding him, he was only 470 grams and now he weighs just over a kilo. He’s a lot more energetic, a lot more playful. He’s exactly on track for where he should be, in terms of development.”

The baby sloth is having a great time with all of the zoo’s Halloween festivities, too. 

“Halloween is the best time of year for rain forest inhabitants. They love pumpkin season. They get to climb all over the pumpkins,” she says. The staff stores “tasty treats,” like crickets and other grub, inside pumpkins for the animals to enjoy. 

Edward —who was named after Edward Scissorhands, for obvious reasons — will soon be reunited with his mother Marilyn, Annkelleher says in the video. 


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