Pavel Vlček/Zoo Ostrava
October 12, 2017 12:07 PM

Perhaps, before today, you didn’t even know that creatures called mongoose lemurs existed.

But now, as you will soon learn, they are very real and extremely cute.

Pavel Vlček/Zoo Ostrava

This sweetie is one of the more recent arrivals at Zoo Ostrava, reports ZooBorns. The 6-month-old female lemur is only the fourth mongoose lemur to be born at a European zoo in the past five years, and the first ever to be born at a Czech or Slovakian park.

Pavel Vlček/Zoo Ostrava

The little one isn’t just bringing joy to zoo visitors, she is being celebrated around the world. The mongoose lemur population is in decline due to habitat destruction in their native land of Madagascar.

Pavel Vlček/Zoo Ostrava

Zoos are working to keep the goofy majesty of these animals alive and well. Along with breeding reserve populations in their facilities, Zoo Ostrava and other European zoos are helping the wild lemurs of Madagascar through The Lemur Conservation Association (AEECL).

Pavel Vlček/Zoo Ostrava

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The AEECL is a non-government organization dedicated to researching and conserving all the unique species of Madagascar.

Without even knowing it, Zoo Ostrava’s new lemur, who recently made her public debut, is doing her part in protecting her brothers and sisters just by living her life.

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