Laila was staying with a foster family while her mom was overseas

By Kelli Bender
July 11, 2016 08:52 PM

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and one year is a lot of absence — especially when you calculate it into dog years. 

So Laila’s heart was overflowing with love when her owner, second-class petty officer Christina Baez, returned after a year overseas. 

Their sweet, spirited meeting was all captured on video, and it’s ready to make your Monday better. 

Before picking her dog up from the foster family caring for the pup, Baez stayed in touch with Laila through video chat. 

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According to, the Masusock family fostered the pup while Baez was in the Navy through an organization called PACT for Animals, which helps deployed military find people to care for their animals. 

“With PACT, you become a family,” Donna Masusock said. “Laila’s like a family member. I’m even friends with Christina’s family on Facebook.”

“You’re fostering so they don’t have to go to a shelter,” she added. “If it wasn’t for PACT, Christina would’ve lost Laila.”

While saying goodbye to Laila was hard, it was only a “see you later.” Through PACT, foster families are allowed to visit the animals they cared for once the pets are back with their owners. 

Baez was nervous her pup might not remember her, but, as the video shows, that worry was seriously unfounded.