Roland Giroux’s blood parrot cichlid appears to love a scratch under the chin

By Amy Jamieson
April 07, 2015 07:40 PM

Whoever said fish are low-maintanence pets hasn’t met this one. Roland Giroux’s finned-BFF needs to be pet at least once a day – or things get, well, fishy.

According to the Daily Mail, Giroux’s blood parrot cichlid likes to be stroked like a dog in his fish tank. On a daily basis he dips his hand in the tank and gives him a massage (watch how this goes down in the video above – there’s no denying that the pet likes the attention).

How does one come to the realization that a fish likes to be pet? Giroux tells the Daily Mail that he set out to make the fish more sociable after two other fish that shared the tank started bullying him.

He fed his pet frozen blood worms and noticed it enjoyed being stroked, and would grow agitated when it wasn’t played with every day. So, 15-minute petting sessions are now a part of their daily routine.

What’s next on their busy schedule? We’re guessing play dates.