July 30, 2015 05:25 PM

Let’s teach our pet parrot to sing The Lego Movie’s Oscar-nominated song “Everything Is Awesome,” they said. It’s going to be hilariously adorable, they said. And it was – for a while.

Meet Princess Yellow Feather, the bird who is still singing “Everything Is Awesome” 538 days after the release of The Lego Movie. Her majesty has the hook of the song down perfectly, and it’s adorable her to watch her happily croon the lines … a couple of times.

Don’t Ask Will Ferrell About His Bird

But imagine her owners, who have probably heard this snippet dozens of times a day since Princess first learned the tune. We have to imagine it gets a little less sweet after the 79th listen, but won’t make assumptions.

Enjoy this little Lego-lover’s performance, and apologies in advance for getting “Everything Is Awesome” stuck in your head all over again.

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