Justin Hartley adopted Memphis and another dog in 2016 with his wife Chrishell Stause

By Kelli Bender
April 04, 2018 02:23 PM
Credit: Justin Hartley/Instagram

After acting in countless tearjerker moments of This Is Us, Justin Hartley is going through one of his own.

The actor, 41, announced on Instagram that his recuse dog Memphis recently passed away.

“For Memphis, one of the funniest, toughest and sweetest animals I ever had the pleasure of loving. Thanks for making our lives better. I really wish we had more time. Rest In Peace little dude,” Hartley posted, along with a photo collage featuring shots of the small dog.

Hartley and his wife Chrishell Stause adopted Memphis and another canine, Gracie, in December 2016.

Memphis was a senior dog, over 10, when he became part of the family. Hartley was dedicated to giving the older pup a spoiled, sweet and relaxing forever home.

“The rest of their lives is Boca Raton,” Hartley told PEOPLE about his two rescue dogs in November 2017. “I don’t expect much from them. I just want them to hang out and enjoy life.”

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Memphis is survived by his adoption buddy Gracie, who frequently makes appearances on Hartley’s Instagram showing off her weird nap positions.