Squack goals (sorry)

Kylie Brown isn’t like most five-year-olds.

For starters, Brown’s BFF is a duck named Snowflake, who she met when he was a little hatchling (or “zero years old,” as she puts it.) It was basically love at first quack.

“He went everywhere she went and he was quiet, and if she went missing, he would squawk and panic,” Kylie’s mother, Ashley Brown, tells WRAL TV.

The two nap together, play together and look after each other like best friends should. Snowflake even dressed up as Olaf the snowman to round out Kylie’s Frozen Halloween costume.

Snowflake and Kylie are BFFs, but in his eyes, she’s mama duck.

“I’ve seen her grow up. She’s become very responsible. She takes very good care of him,” her mother Ashley Brown told WRAL TV. “He’s family. He’s definitely family.”