This Adorable Video of Sleeping Animals Is Your Reminder that Mother's Day Is Coming

NatGeo WILD is celebrating Mother's Day, May 14, with an adorable look at all the hard working animal moms out there

If you have one of those nagging sensations that you might be forgetting something important, it could be the impending arrival of Mother’s Day. (Psst, it’s May 14.)

It’s one of those sneaky Hallmark holidays that can easily slip by, but trust us it matters to your mom, at least a little bit, that you remember.

So we’re here to remind you to mark the date on your calendar, and set a time to send a card or make a phone call, with a little gift of our own.

It’s a video of adorable wild animals getting cozy with their moms for some quality nap time. Just like us humans, many animals depend on their moms for food, care, guidance and availability as a pillow.

You can catch more of these cuddly cuties during NatGeo WILD‘s three-part special Animal Moms, premiering Sunday, May 14 at 8/7c in celebration of Mother’s Day.

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