Thieves Douse Dog in Drano During Michigan Home Invasion

The senior dog needs constant care to treat the injuries to her eyes and skin

A Hamtramck, Michigan, woman returned home on Friday to find both her home and dog damaged by cruel thieves.

Sarah Birkel entered her home after work and immediately noticed the unusual odor of bleach. Scanning her home, she also realized that her belongings had been moved and that the back door was open, reports WXYZ. The house had been robbed.

Sadly, that was not the worst offense. Her senior dog, Abbey, approached her, covered in some kind of liquid and with a limp in her step. After noticing an empty bottle of Drano in the kitchen, a large stain on the floor and a broken broom, Birkel determined the thieves also beat the innocent 14-year-old canine and then doused the pup in Drano.

The robbers took the jewelry Birkel had in her bedroom, but that is replaceable. The caretaker is devastated over the abuse Abbey had to endure alone. After finding the dog, Birkel immediately rushed her beloved pet to the emergency vet, where professionals began treatment on the dog’s eyes and multiple chemical burns.

Abbey now needs around-the-clock care to help her heal from the damage the Drano inflicted on her vision, skin and internal organs.

Detroit Dog Rescue is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who has information on Abbey’s abusers. Anyone with this information should call the Hamtramck Police at 313-876-7800.

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