U.S. Soldiers Seeking Help on Veterans Day to Save Trio of Puppies They Rescued Overseas

Three U.S. soldiers rescued puppies while serving overseas and plan to bring the dogs back home to their families with the help of Paws of War and other animal lovers

Veterans day and pets
Photo: paws of war

If you are an animal lover searching for a way to give back to those who have served in the armed forces on Veterans Day, Paws of War can help.

The charitable organization's work is focused on helping soldiers care for their pets and rescue the animals they bond with while on deployment.

This Veterans Day, Paws of War is raising awareness for three army soldiers seeking to relocate the puppies they rescued overseas.

The soldiers — Pfc. AJ, Sgt. Johns, and Spc. Miley — want to transport the trio of formerly stray puppies, who they named Strawberry, Luna Moon, and Duchess, back home to live with their families as beloved pets.

Veterans day and pets
paws of war

To make that happen, the soldiers reached out to Paws of War, which has experience handling the complicated (and costly) logistics it takes to move a pet to another country safely.

"Those looking to show support this Veterans Day can do so by helping with this important mission," Dereck Cartright, a disabled veteran who works Paws of War, said in a news release.

"People can help make three families very happy and will ensure the safety and happiness of three adorable dogs," he added.

The three soldiers encountered the puppies on the road close to their base overseas. They took in the baby dogs, who they found shaking and hungry, and gave them substance, snuggles, and shelter.

Veterans day and pets
paws of war

Each soldier adopted one of the puppies and communicated with their families back home about their plan to return to America with their new pets.

With the help of Paws and Wars and several supportive donors, the puppies should be able to start making their way to the U.S. soon. For now, the soldiers' family members, including their children, are waiting for the puppies with excitement.

"Duchess is hopefully going to be my son's birthday present in a few weeks," Spc. Miley shared in Paws of War's release. "He already knows about Duchess and is counting down the days until he can play with her. Duchess is going to be an amazing birthday gift for him, and being able to keep her safe by relocating her back home is an amazing gift for me."

Those who would like to donate to help with this Veterans Day mission should visit Paws of War's fundraiser site.

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